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  • Overweight Civil Penalty Payments
    Civil Penalties imposed on the person (or company) with the proposed assessment letter can be paid here. Click on this Civil Penalty Payments link to identify the penalty and make payments within 60 days of the proposed assessment letter.
  • Special Permits
    Special Permits give authorization to carriers for traveling in Indiana to make delivery or pick up a load under certain circumstances. Permit types include 3 Day Trip (IRP), 5 Day Trip (IFTA), Repair and Maintenance (IRP/IFTA), 30 Day Hunter, and Yard Tractor. Click on Special Permits link to view complete details.
  • MCS Notices
  • System Requirements
International Registration Plan - IRP
Base Plate Registration - BPR
Fuel Taxes - IFTA/MCFT & PUC
  • House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1050 legislative changes affecting Intrastate fuel tax registrations, decal display, and quarterly tax returns are effective July 1, 2023. Click here for information.
  • Indiana now recognizes Electricity (EV), Hydrogen (HY), and Hythane (HT) as alternative fuels which must be claimed on quarterly filed fuel tax returns for taxable miles driven utilizing such fuels.
  • The due dates for filing and paying your quarterly tax returns are:
    1st Quarter: April 30th;   2nd Quarter: July 31st;   3rd Quarter: October 31st;   4th Quarter: January 31st.
  • PUC Claim forms -- Due by the due date of the quarter in which you are applying for credit
  • Fuel tax decals will be delivered 7-10 business days after they are ordered unless overnight shipping has been requested at the carrier's expense.
  • Annual fuel tax license renewals will begin September 15th and are due by November 15th.
  • View the IFTA Inc Tax Rates
Insurance and Safety - UCR/IOA
  • Click Here to see if you are required to register for Indiana Intrastate Operating Authority or UCR.
  • Interstate Carriers: Unified Carrier Registration - UCR
  • UCR registration renewal fees will be available starting October 1st.
  • FMCSA - Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration
  • Please be sure to update your MCS-150 before paying your UCR fees.
  • Visit the UCR site at UCR
  • Intrastate Carriers: Intrastate Operating Authority - IOA
  • IOA Information
  • Apply for a new IOA account with Indiana
  • MCS will begin accepting 2024 Intrastate Operating Authority (IOA) renewals online on August 1st, 2023. Carriers may still process renewals via mail. However, MCS will no longer mail renewal information to the carriers. Instructions for the online IOA application are available by accessing this document. Renewal-specific instructions are on page 7 of the document.
  • Did you know you can view and print valid current year Registration Receipt online?